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Brittney Greer

Hailing from Dexter, Missouri, Brittney is a graduate of Missouri State University, with a degree in Film Studies and the Missouri State University Screenwriters Certificate. With a deep love for rich and fun storytelling, Brittney's first love is writing. If she's not working on company projects, she's writing on personal projects that she's been working on for some time. She also enjoys stepping in front of the camera every now and then.

"Though I'm not a trained actor, I enjoy getting to do things you can't normally do in real life. Whether its being chased by ghosts, playing with fake blood or being a tough as nails outlaw, I like the challenge."


"Brittney is one of the most hardworking filmmakers I know. She has a love for storytelling that cannot be matched. I love the way she writes and how production savvy she is. She asks the right questions and challenges me to think differently. I wouldn't have anybody else as my producing/business partner." ~ Jason Brasier

Jason Brasier

Jason Brasier is a Missouri native, originally from Willow Springs. In 2009, he graduated from Missouri State University with a B.S. Degree in Media Production and also received the Missouri State University Screenwriters Certificate. Starting at a young age, Jason's passion has been in writing and directing, with the occasional Hitchcockian cameo. During college, Jason developed a passion for producing as well.

"I love filmmaking and telling stories. I want to become a better writer, director, and producer. That's why I always have a new project in the works. Just like anything you do, you have to keep working at it. Learn from a project and make the next one better. I love a good challenge."


"I had been told so many times that this wasn't a good idea for me and then Jason came along and told me 'I think this is the best idea for you.' I really lucked out meeting that guy. Jason is really good - fantastic actually - at getting a lot of things accomplished on an extremely small budget, which is definitely needed in the independent world." ~ Brittney Greer